What is Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics?


Nutrigenetics is defined as the science of the effect of genetic variation on dietary responses. Nutrigenomics is the science of the effect of nutrients and bioactive components on gene expression. The goal of knowing your genetic variations is to obtain a better understanding of nutrient-gene interactions depending on the genotype The ultimate goal is to develop personalized strategies for optimal health and disease prevention through the right diet, supplements, and lifestyle based on your genetic makeup. This service is available to all existing functional medicine patients by referral only. The report is extensive, and usually takes approximately 2-3 visits to go over the genetic variations, and plan of care based on these variations. Most insurances will cover the cost of the visits. There is a non-covered $60 software licensing fee for our genetic software that is not covered and the generation of the genetic report. If you would like more information, please ask your provider today.