Family Practice


Kristen Coletti-Giesler, NP-C, CFMP believes in patient centered care from birth to geriatrics. Kristen utilizes a combination of evidenced based medicine and functional medicine to meet the needs of her patients. Kristen is a certified family and emergency nurse practitioner, and certified functional medicine practitioner.

What is the Difference between Primary Care and Family Practice? Primary medical care is given by a health care provider. Your primary care provider takes care of your medical needs and coordinates other specialty care that may be needed. Primary care providers can be physicians, nurse practitioner or physician assistants.

Family Practice is a family practitioner that can take care of patients across the lifespan. A pediatrician cares for children. An internal medicine physician cares for adults. In family practice, these providers function as a pediatrician and internist combined into one specialty, and care for everyone.