Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment


Dr. Davidhizar has recently acquired a new technology to accelerate patient healing – Autologous Platelet Concentrate (enriched with growth factors APC+ or PRP platelet rich plasma.

Found in APC+, the concentrated platelets contain huge reservoirs of bioactive proteins, including growth factors that are vital in the initiation and acceleration of tissue repair and regeneration. Initiating connective tissue healing, bone regeneration and repair, the development of blood vessels and stimulating the wound healing process, these bioactive proteins cover a lot of ground.

Dr. Davidhizar has established higher standards of care and has improved patient outcomes using APC+. Used to accelerate dental healing, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, ENT, orthopedic, cardiovascular and non-healing wounds as experienced by diabetics, the benefits of APC+ are impressive. Potential benefits even include accelerated healing, the reduction of bleeding and bruising, decreased inflammation and swelling, enhanced wound closure, accelerated bone growth and the stabilization of bone and/or soft tissue.Talk to us today in Soldotna to learn more.