The Importance of an Annual Well-Woman Exam

Why is women’s health important?

As a woman, you have unique health issues and needs. Many people think this is just about your sex and reproductive health. However, there is much more to being a healthy woman. Some health conditions affect both men and women, but affect you differently.

It is important you understand what it means to be a healthy woman.

Health issues specific to women

Health issues that can affect you differently

The good news?

Many of the health issues that you will deal with as a woman can be prevented. Even if you have poor health habits today, by taking a few steps in the direction of better health, you can live a longer, healthier life.

One of the best ways to prevent future health problems is to have an annual well-woman exam. Dr. Davidhizar does this exam. During the visit, he will screen for medical issues, ask you questions about your past and current health behaviors, and make sure all of your vaccinations are up-to-date.

What happens during an annual well-woman visit?

This is a great question.

You should get a well-woman exam once every year. During this visit, you will get a complete health check-up. The focus of this visit is prevention and education.

During the visit, some of the following may be done:

Health habits and history

Your annual exam is a time for Dr. Davidhizar to find out how you feel overall. He will ask you many questions and cover topics like:


Dr. Davidhizar will do a physical exam to check how your body is working on the inside. This may include:

Goals and education

Your annual exam is a great time for education. Dr. Davidhizar or his staff will talk to you about next steps and help you create health goals for the upcoming year. The practice provides preventive services, like diet and wellness counseling, that can help you live your best life. Common goals after annual well-woman visits include losing weight, exercising more, or quitting smoking.

Time for Action

If it has been a while since your last well-woman visit, you can schedule an appointment with our office online or by phone. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to become a healthier woman in the future.

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