Set Your Kids Up for a Healthy School Year

Back-to-school physicals aren’t just for student-athletes. School-age children go through significant growth and development, and monitoring them during this time is vital to keeping your child healthy. Children of all ages, no matter what grade they’re about to enter, can benefit from back-to-school physicals. Here’s why yearly physicals are a crucial component of your child’s healthcare.

Importance of thorough physical exams

At Family Medical Clinic, our experienced team can handle all your child’s back-to-school physical needs. The annual physical gives the doctor a chance to give your child a thorough physical exam and identify and address any developmental, social, or emotional concerns. It’s also a good chance to address important questions, especially with teenagers, including adolescent issues of drinking, smoking, drugs, and depression. Your provider will discuss ways to keep your child healthy throughout the school year.

Sports-specific physical

Nearly 30 million children participate in youth sports in the United States. Students need a sport-specific exam to ensure that they are healthy and can safely participate in their chosen sport. For example, a sports physical can help detect issues like pre-existing heart problems that may make it unsafe for your child to play sports.

A sports exam can also help manage chronic conditions such as asthma, so that your child stays safe while playing sports. It’s best to have this exam at least six weeks before the start of the sport’s season. Doing so gives the doctor the necessary time to address any health concerns or rehab any injuries before the start of the season. This way your child can avoid any delays in getting back to play for the year. Tell Dr. Lavern Davidhizar and his team if your child participates in sports.

What to expect

Your provider will discuss any concerns about your child’s health during the annual checkup. Preventive health is a major focus, and your provider will ensure that immunizations and screening tests are current. Back-to-school exams vary, but in general, you can expect your provider to examine the following health parameters.

The exam may also include vision. It’s equally important to discuss a healthy diet and any relevant medical history.

Getting the most from back-to-school physicals

Bring your child’s immunization records and medical history with you to the back-to-school physical. Ask questions about any vaccines your child may need for this visit and inquire about your child’s BMI. Tell your provider if your child’s eating habits have changed or whether your child seems anxious about going back to school.

If your child is an adolescent, it’s a good idea to discuss online safety and ask about whether your child has reached important developmental milestones. This is the time to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s health. It’s a smart idea to bring a pen and paper to record important responses so that you have all the information you need.

How can I prepare my child for an annual checkup?

Giving your child an overview of what will take place is a good way to prepare them for their yearly checkup. Children are put at ease when they know what to expect when visiting the doctor, and it helps them feel comfortable.

Ensuring your child’s long-term health is the number one priority at Family Medical Clinic. If your child is heading to school, stop in to see the team at Family Medical Clinic for a thorough exam. Call the Soldotna office to request an appointment or book online.

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