Chronic Pain: More Safe Options Than Ever Before

If you struggle daily with chronic pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Back pain, joint pain, arthritis, and injuries all leave their marks on your body. And when you feel pain, you naturally begin to avoid those activities that hurt, leading to a more and more sedentary life.

When you become sedentary, you can develop other health issues including weight gain, depression, and heart disease. The truth is, chronic pain slowly robs you of your life. But Dr. Lavern Davidhizar and his Family Medical Clinic staff want to make sure that you get your life back with a range of safe, proven treatments to help get you up and out.

Weight loss

Many people find relief from back, hip, and knee pain simply by losing weight. Losing weight takes pressure off your back and lower body joints. With the pressure off, your aching body is able to heal.

But there is an added benefit to losing weight if you exercise. Stronger muscles support your back, shoulders, and joints throughout your body.

Caudal block

A caudal block takes advantage of the natural gap at the bottom of the spine. You receive an anesthetic in your lower back to keep you comfortable. Then, using an X-ray device for guidance, Dr. Davidhizar injects a steroid right at the base of your spinal nerves. The medication reduces inflammation and helps the area heal. It may take two or three days to feel the full effect.


Transforaminal epidural steroid injections (TFESI) has provided patients relief from back pain for decades. Where the caudal block delivers medication to the end of the spinal column, TFESI targets the actual inflamed nerves of the spine. Dr. Davidhizar injects corticosteroids into those inflamed nerves, wherever they may be.

Like the caudal block, you receive an anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure. You may need a couple of days to feel relief, and it may even take up to a week before you feel the full effect.

SJI and other joint injections

The sacroiliac joint injection (SJI) targets pain in your lower back, buttocks, or hips. Just like with the other injection therapies, Dr. Davidhizar uses an X-ray device to help him the right spot for the SJI — the nerve bundles in the hip, or sacroiliac. Then he delivers a dose of corticosteroids to the nerve bundle in the iliac crest.

Joint injections are very similar, but Dr. Davidhizar treats other joints such as the knee and ankle. The corticosteroids reduce inflammation in the nerve bundles, calming the nerves and reducing pain. It may take several days to feel the full effect of this treatment.


Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) offers relief without the use of steroids. Dr. Davidhizar uses a topical anesthetic for your comfort, then guided by X-rays, finds the affected nerve bundles. He inserts a special RFA needle into the nerve bundle that delivers a small electrical charge. This disrupts the electrical signals your nerves send to each other.

The radiofrequency heats up the nerve bundles, which keeps the nerves from sending pain messages to your brain. This treatment may take the longest to reach full effect — up to several weeks.

What treatment is right for you?

At Family Medical Clinic, we have a wide range of solutions to help you deal with your pain. We do a full examination and help you understand the basis of your pain. We also work with a wide range of professionals, including a pain management specialist, to determine the right treatment and create a whole-life approach to your healing. With our help, you can get relief and work toward a getting your life back.

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