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Is BOTOX Safe? (Uses and Therapeutic Applications)

Is BOTOX Safe?


How much do you really know about BOTOX®? You probably are aware that many celebrities use BOTOX®...

High Blood Pressure Guidelines for Alaskans in 2018


Late last year, the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) came out with new...

7 Common Headache Types in Alaska

Any Alaskan who is prone to headaches knows there are nuances to pain and related symptoms. Some headaches tighten like a...

Stomach Flu: What to Do if You Have it in Alaska

The stomach flu (official name: viral gastroenteritis) is no fun. Most of us cross our fingers and hope to avoid this type...

Food Poisoning: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

It happens to most people at some point or another: without realizing it, we eat something that’s slightly off, spoiled, or...

Alaska Parents: Does Your Child Complain of Hip Pain (Juvenile Hip Pain)?

 Is your child complaining of pain and soreness in the hips or hip area? How about limping? If you notice your child or teen...

Alaska Injuries: Why You Should Treat Them Right Away

Many Alaskans pride themselves on being tough and independent. However, when it comes to man of the Alaska injuries,...

Stuffed-up Nose (Nasal Congestion): Common Causes in Alaska

Nobody likes having nasal congestion. When you can’t breathe easily through your nose, everyday actions become challenging....

Is It Strep Throat? (Signs, Symptoms, & Diagnosis)

Your throat is raw and swollen. “Sore throat” is an understatement; eating and drinking are extremely painful because you...

Sore Throat  Causes and Remedies in Alaska 

When you have a sore, raw, swollen throat, you’re likely eager to find ways to ease the discomfort. Let’s face it; a sore...


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