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Sinus Infections in Alaska: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Sinus infections account for about 16 million doctor visits per year. Hard to believe? Probably not, if you watch TV or read...

Earaches in Alaska: Causes and Treatments


Earaches are among the most common reasons Alaskans visit walk-in clinics, urgent care centers and doctors’ offices....

School Start Times in Alaska and the Importance of Sleep

If you have an adolescent or teen, you know how hard it can be to wake them up in the morning to get ready for school....

What Are Sports Physicals? (Reasons and Where to Get Them in Alaska)

High school and university sports physicals—sometimes referred to as “athletic physicals” or “pre-participation exams...

International Travel and Vaccinations (Tips, Concerns, and Needs)

Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to get one big travel experience in before you settle in for fall and winter....

Comprehensive Muscular Activity Profile (CMAP): Uses, Indications, and Benefits

Everyday simple activities can damage your muscles, tendons, and ligaments leading to a soft tissue injury. Common soft...

What is a Soft Tissue Injury? (Causes and Diagnosis)


You can sustain an injury at any time in your life. You may think it's not serious if you don't have any broken bones....

The Importance of Vaccinations for School-Age Children in Alaska

In recent years, whether or not to vaccinate school-age children has become a controversy in the United States, including...

7 Reasons to Get Your Annual Wellness Exam (Preventative Care Exam)

If you receive Medicare Part B health coverage, you are entitled to have an Annual Wellness Exam, also known as a...

What Is a Medicare Wellness Exam (Preventative Care) in Alaska?

If you have Medicare Part B Medical Insurance, your coverage includes an annual preventative health care visit, also called...


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