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Sleep Deprivation in Alaska and Your Immune System

Everyone always talks about the importance of sleep when you’re sick. If you have the cold or flu, getting plenty of sleep,...

Growing Pains in Kids: What You Need to Know (Symptoms and Treatment)

Many of us experienced growing pains when we were younger: the aches, shooting pains, and soreness that accompanied the...

Allergies vs Colds in Alaska: Symptoms and Treatments

 It’s autumn in Alaska, and perhaps you’re feeling under the weather. You’re suffering with head congestion, sneezing, and a...

9 Reasons to Get a Massage in Alaska

If you’re a fan of massage, you may already know the health benefits you gain from regular visits with a licensed massage...

5 Reasons to Get a Regular Physical in Alaska

Calling all Alaskans: Are you putting off getting a physical in Alaska? If so, here are five good reasons to make your next...

How Often Should You Get a Physical Exam in Alaska?

Traditionally, adults in Alaska (and throughout in the U.S.) would get annual physicals without fail, operating under the...

Alaska Parents—Is Your Child’s Backpack Too Heavy?

If you’re a parent, you know that kids today carry mind-bogglingly overloaded backpacks. They’re so heavy, in fact, that...

Sinus Infections in Alaska: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Sinus infections account for about 16 million doctor visits per year. Hard to believe? Probably not, if you watch TV or read...


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